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The Story Thus Far…

A purple-orangish hue rises from the southwest…

Towering skyscrapers loom over multiple levels of Desperado, a metropolis of 3 billion inside a very large crater. The metropolis of Desperado is divided up into three zones controlled by three Syndicates.

The three major Syndicates, controlling the capital of Syndicatus Prime, are the brutally efficient, highly authoritarian Ossetian Syndicate, the most secretive and observing Tudori Syndicate, and the incredibly anti-Hybrid and purely purebred Allemani Syndicate.

Three Syndicates. Multiple corporations under their banner. A politically overt Congress with little authoritative powers. Syndicate-backed police and Special Services serve their masters. The many lesser beings serve the Syndicate their whole lives, paid scrips, and carried on with a death wish granted only by the Syndicate.

Amidst it all, a growing brutal Syndicate war is coming. A war that will never end. A war that greatly surpasses the last three “Great Wars”. A war meant to annihilate everyone excluding the victorious Syndicate and its many footsoldiers…

Syndicatus Prime. A world where Syndicates run everything. Power, authority, and being human is the ultimate achievement.

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